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Making science visible in the community

68 students

14 ideas

2 days

1 community

Our IB science student’s had two days to find inspiration, generate ideas, create, experiment, and present their prototypes for making science visible in the school community. We saw them collaborate, embrace the ambiguity of the task, take ownership of their idea and learn from failure. Most of all our student designers were empowered and showed that they cared about the needs of our community.

In the spirit of making science visible we have created the following videos to showcase each prototype and the evolution of ideas.

The 14 prototypes

Group 4 Teaser

We think some of these prototypes have the potential to be developed into final products. Do you?

Which idea do you think has the potential to make the greatest difference in our community?

Share your opinion below by posting a comment. Be sure to give a good reason for your choice.

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