Making science visible in the community

68 students

14 ideas

2 days

1 community

Our IB science student’s had two days to find inspiration, generate ideas, create, experiment, and present their prototypes for making science visible in the school community. We saw them collaborate, embrace the ambiguity of the task, take ownership of their idea and learn from failure. Most of all our student designers were empowered and showed that they cared about the needs of our community.

In the spirit of making science visible we have created the following videos to showcase each prototype and the evolution of ideas.

The 14 prototypes

Group 4 Teaser

We think some of these prototypes have the potential to be developed into final products. Do you?

Which idea do you think has the potential to make the greatest difference in our community?

Share your opinion below by posting a comment. Be sure to give a good reason for your choice.

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12 thoughts on “Making science visible in the community

  1. The idea I think that will have the potential to make the greatest difference in our community is the Bicycle Ice Cream Maker as it’s a very creative idea. At the same time it promotes the importance of exercise and good health, which is very important in our community because as students gets older, they tend to get more work, and hence less time for exercise.

  2. I think the idea with the greatest potential to contribute towards our campus in a positive way is the Science Council by Elana, Maddie, Emma, and Aditi. This idea allows for the integration of the arts and the sciences and therefore will reach out to a greater audience. The sceinstein show can extend science to those in the community who are not in science classes, and the blurbs around school will help people make the connection between science and its applications to real life

  3. I think that the Phone Charging Station has great potential to be seen in our SAS community. Primarily, it is especially attractive to young children and teenagers because the prototype of a bicycle that is able to generate enough power to charge a phone is very useful. This is a wonderful reflection of our generation’s highly advanced society, particularly in terms of technology. The project is practical and innovative, and I can see it flourish easily within our school and even Shanghai community.

  4. The Energy Sustainability idea(s) was a very practical, efficient incorporation of science into the daily needs of our school environment. The conveyor belt for lunch trays seems simple albeit beneficial to the organizational system of our school cafeteria. The tank that uses anaerobic digestion that could heat up our school’s pool might be able to save vast amounts of energy in terms of the school’s utility and heating expenses. Furthermore, the wall of small wind turbines or the large wind turbine seem feasible as the middle school is already working on a project that encompasses the energy-saving mechanisms of these two prototypes. If we merge the two ideas together, we could generate an environmentally-friendly and sustainable school setting for all of us.

  5. I think the phone charging station would be a feasible project to make science more visible in our school community. This is because many students are affected by the use of phone and technology. A bicycle would also promote student engagement in the activity while providing exercise. Students will also be able to see their phones charged just by the movement of their legs on the bicycle. Perhaps this idea can be expanded to charge laptops to increase the engagement of high school and middle school students to make science more visible in our school community.

  6. I think Nick, Tina, Huan Yi, Vrishti, and Sophie’s science week sounds like a great idea for promoting the visibility of science in our school. With a large scale, public, week long campaign l think more people in the school will be able to actually notice the initiative, other than some things that would be more stationary. Just like spirit week, there would be a lot of word-of-mouth, and as people see more and more people participating, they will want to participate too.

    I also like how they approach the science week with features that appeal to high school students, like vines and stickers. I think that by making science “fun” and possibly even a competition (like collecting all the stickers), will make science more visible in our school, and give incentive for students to participate.

  7. I thought the Energy Sustainability idea would have the greatest impact on our community in that it would help the school become more energetically independent. Every winter, the classrooms are quite warm and during the summer, quite cold; creating ways to use more clean energy (wind turbines) would help to reduce the heating bills each year, creating more opportunity for the money to be used elsewhere.
    Using the compost to both generate heat and create fertilizer was a brilliant idea; it will effectively heat the pool, provide cost effective nutrients for the school’s gardens, and will help to recycle food that would otherwise be wasted. These ideas would promote using clean energy to better the environment to all the members of our school community, and would provide students with inspiration to pursue science as something they are familiar with.

  8. I think the Energy Sustainability Idea would be a feasible Idea to make science visible in the School Community. Not only would the forms of renewable energy save the school community in energy expenses, it can educate the students about the processes involved in each form (wind, compost). Also this project can incorporate the help and research by clubs such as Roots and Shoots, who have already done research into the possibility of introducing solar panels into our school. I like the idea of a compost as it is a great way to utilize the large amount of organic waste (especially leftover foods), to help generate electricity. However many of these ideas need further research and understanding before it can be effectively incorporated into our school community.

  9. I really like the ‘Science Space’ idea because it creates an open space for everyone who is interested or simply curious about science to explore and discuss their ideas with their peers. This hacker space has all the utilities needed to conduct all kinds of experiments and creates an environment that fosters students’ scientific curiosity and collaboration to discuss and conduct science projects. I really liked the 3D model the group made (it was brilliant!) and the idea of expanding the science space already in Mr. Happer’s room to a bigger space where other students can get involved. This prototype is very feasible. Maybe with more promotions/advertisement/announcements, I am sure that this hacker space will be very popular and is definitely a great idea to make science visible in our school community.

  10. I thought that the ‘Science Council’ idea would make a huge impact in our school community. Not only because it could make students more interested in science by letting them apply science in their daily lives, but also because it would allow our school to become a whole. I really liked how the group gathered opinions from students and eliminated what they thought would not work, such as scavenger hunt. I think that having science councils in the elementary, middle, and high school is feasible because all students at our school take science classes and do not lack any resources to build and experiment. Also, the science council might be able to allow more students to become interested in science through creativity and applications.

  11. I found the phone charging station to be a very interesting and viable idea to make science visible in the community. As people’s lives become more technologically dependent, they sometimes begin to take these advancements for granted, seeing them as a device for checking email or charging phones rather than whole systems of scientific innovation and theory. The phone charging station is a reminder that there is a scientific underpinning to all of today’s technological splendor. Additionally it really can have a lot of broad appeal because it relates to something high schoolers cannot live without: their phones.

  12. I think Royce, Joy, and Yejin’s Bicycle Ice-cream maker has the best potential to make science visible in our SAS community. That is because, their idea was something that has never been tried anywhere and I thought that originality and novelty behind such project was something really fresh and attention grabbing. Moreover, the science behind it seemed quite interesting and I thought at the same time it is promoting health, it is also promoting science. Therefore, with such relevancy and novelty, Bicycle Ice-cream generator has the best potential to make science visible in our community.

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