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Hi, my name is Robert. I am Canadian born kid with ethnic roots into europe, specifically Romania and Hungary. In all my school life my two favorite courses have been science, and math. This still hasn’t changed to the date, I guess the reason for that is, I seem to grasp the concepts faster than any of my other courses. This year (junior year) has been truly interesting, because unlike many other SAS students this is my first year in, which science is completely separated into three courses (chemistry, biology, and physics). This change in my science coarse, I believe is the proper way to learn because one goes more in depth in the specific fields of science. For example learning chemistry as a completely different coarse has aloud me to spend almost a week of class session talking about how the structure in which carbon combines with other carbon can be the difference between the graphite in our pencils and the diamonds in earrings.

Hi there! I’m Caroline, and I’m Chinese-American. My mom was actually the one that got me interested in science. She has a doctorate in cell biology, but she has always using physics and chemistry to explain the world to me. I’m really excited to learn chemistry, because not only is it relevant to all the other sciences (such as the proteins in biology, elemental components of environmental science, etc.), but I get to understand the reason why things behave certain ways. I can’t wait to learn more! Now here’s a chemistry joke to lighten up your day: One guacamole is equal to 6.0221415×10²³ guacas, now that is a good use of Avogadros. :)

Hi, I’m Angela, and I absolutely enjoy food, Discovery and National Geographic channels (especially air crash investigations!), and now – of course – science classes. I’ve always been interested in the science of how stuff works, and science classes in high school have definitely opened my eyes to many fascinating things. Intrigued by chemistry and biology in my classes last year, I’ve decided to continue exploring them both in my junior year. IB Chemistry has been very demanding, but it is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable of my classes so far. I can’t wait to learn more science!

Hello, my name is David. I was born in Beijing but that is only one of the places I have lived. The list also includes Stockholm, Oxford, Osaka, and Shanghai. Growing up, science and math were always stressed by my parents, who were both scientists. While I never really understood what they worked on, I found a certain romanticism in setting your own course of research and following it through. This blog is an extension of that same passion for knowledge. IB chemistry this year has become a gateway into a previously unexplored world of matter. I look forward to increasing the breadth and depth of my scientific understanding.

Hi, I’m Galahad. I am from Taiwan but i have lived in Shanghai for 10 years now. Since I was a huge fan of TV when I was little, I was intrigued by the explosions and animated effects on TV. I started to loss interest in chemistry as I grew up because I knew most of the effects in TV is false. But after watching my brother taking the IB chemistry course, I realized how fascinating chemistry is especially when I get to experience almost every area of chemistry. I saw all the cool experiments that he did. Even when i couldn’t see the experiment, he would record it on a video to show me after. Now I want to understand chemistry because I think it is a very interesting and exciting subject. Even though this is a challenging course, I hope to have fun and lots of learning in this course and blog.

Hi Everyone! My name is Shelly, I am half Chinese and half Korean, and here is my story. When I was little, I remember taking an ‘adventure’ to the basement and discovering my father’s microscope, and of course, placing my fingers under the lenses and breaking some slides into pieces before finally figuring out what a microscope really is after years. Yes, I have always been a destroyer, and I thought I was going to stay as one until 6th grade.During one science class, my teacher let us make copper sulfate crystals. During the process, I did not know what I was doing. Yet after a while, I saw the prettiest and shiniest blue object I have ever seen in my 11 years of life. Pretty soon, I learned to appreciate and question why rather than destroy, and became interested in science, from cells to atoms, bacteria to astronomy. This year, I have decided to take a further step into expanding my knowledge in science and take Higher Level Chemistry. Some people say Chemistry isn’t “real” just because they can’t actually see the elements, but I know Chemistry is “real” because even if I can’t see, I can still smell, hear, observe and even calculate. Thank you and I hope to increase my knowledge and interest in science in IB Chemistry.

Hi, my name is James. I am from Hong Kong and I have always been interested in why many things happen in life, such as why water change in different temperatures or why mentos explode when placed in coke. When I was little, I was fascinated by things i see in tv shows and movies, such as the cartoon network tv show called Dexter’s laboratory where a boy genius builds his own bedroom laboratory or how that guy was able to make the powerpuff girls with some chemical X. Although these might just be fictional animated characters that people made up, it definitely did spark an interest in science for me and made me question what and why things happen in the world that we know. Ever since middle school, labs and experiments have become one of the most fun things for me to do in school. There is just never an end to the possibilities that one can create using science. I am taking both IB Biology and Chemistry to not only acquire more knowledge regarding how things in the life that we know works to broaden my perception of life, but also to challenge myself academically.

Hello, everyone! My name is Helen, and I must say that it is an honor to be an author this blog! To me, science – whether it be biology, chemistry, or physics – is like an art, regardless of how different these two fields may be. As we immerse ourselves in theoretical topics or undergoing the processes of investigating perplexing phenomena, nothing comes to us without thought, careful calculation, and planning. Chemistry, in particular, very comprehensibly embodies these characteristics. We as chemists engage ourselves in primarily trying to master the abstract concepts, and then “take them to the next level” by creating “masterpieces” of our understanding. Thus, this creativity of science along with what may be an inherent passion (because my father is a chemist) is evidently what intrigues me to study IB Chemistry.

Hi, I'm Nick I am originally from Singapore, lived in the United States for 10 years, and just recently moved to Shanghai this year. My interests, besides science, includes Rugby, Skiing, and Track. I have always been fascinated in multiple fields of science since elementary school. Right now, I am exploring Chemistry, Biology, and Physics in the classes that I am currently taking. Physics intrigues me more, but I still really like Chemistry. I am hoping to continue in a field of science as I move towards college. IB Chemistry is and has been a really tough challenge for me, but this course is pushing me to my limits and making me strive for more knowledge. I wish to learn more about Chemistry and other fields of science to then later apply to worldwide situations to further improve everyone's life and well being.

Hi, my name is Nathan. My interest in science came only recently in the 9th grade. Before that, I didn’t appreciate science, but during 9th grade chemistry, I had a blast. It was during my first chemistry class when I discovered the awesomeness of chemistry. I didn’t really know what to expect that first class, the teacher brought the class to the back of the classroom and pulled out a small block of metal, using a relatively dull knife he cut the metal like butter and plopped it into a beaker containing water. He told us that the metal was sodium, which was also an alkali metal, which meant that it is highly reactive to stuff, like water. At that point I didn’t know why that was the case, but the entire class was just staring at the metal melt, catch fire, pop and burn out into nothing on the surface of the water. Awesome. Two years on, I am happy that I took that chemistry class and happy that I am currently taking two very challenging and rewarding science classes: IB HL chemistry and biology. I feel that having scientific knowledge is very practical and applicable as there is science happening all around us all the time. I hope that by the time I finish high school, I will have gained a great deal more knowledge about science and how it affects the world around us, which will prepare me for university where I intend to study more science! Although I haven’t decided exactly what yet, that doesn’t matter, because science is cool.

Hey I’m Won Yong. Just briefly introduce myself to all of you, I’m a Korean, a big fan of football (Americans call it soccer), a big fan of Juventus (Italian football team), a big fan of Korean food, and a 17 years old student. Ever Since I was little, I have always been intrigued by astronomy, geology, and dinosaurs. So once in my life, I have dreamt of becoming a cosmologist (I think it has some relationship with chemistry), but soon my dream changed to become a football player, and again changed to another. All of those intriguing topics of science influenced me to take science, but as I grew older, I knew I wasn’t going to major in any science because I wasn’t good at math or concepts. Although, science wasn’t my strength and I could not quickly grasp some concepts like some people, I just liked it. It was a sophomore year that I took a serious look into science course and that was when I could choose my science course. I chose Chemistry 2, the course I thought was easy ,and was like a guidance for me to take a more demanding chemistry course. However, now as a Junior in high school, deciding to take chemistry, I was shocked by its overflowing amounts of contents that I had to face and whole different learning pace. IB Chemistry is a definitely a challenging course ,and I wish to get better at this course. I look forward to be more challenged to learn (and let my grades be more challenged).

Hi everyone, my name is HuanYi. I’ve always loved science and science has always intrigued me. I am always wondering, how the world around me works, what things are made of, or how reactions happen. I am fascinated by the broadness of science, the fact that there are new discoveries even to the day and theories yet to be proven. One of the aspect I am most interested about Science is the Environmental Side of Science, from the development of Green Energy to the pollutants and toxins found in water, soil and air. In taking both Physics and Chemistry at higher level, I hope that it will not only broaden my knowledge about my surroundings, but challenge perspectives and knowledge that have been earlier consumed.

I’m Lisa and I’ve always dreamed about being a useful person and giving back to the society when I grow up. As technology improves, some greedy businesses started making harmful substances that may harm others in order to earn more money for themselves. Seeing lots of that on the news, I decided I want to be in the medical field when I grow up to help all those that are sick. By taking IB HL Biology and Chemistry, I hope it will help me with my career choice in the future and at the same time allow me to understand more of how the world around us works.

Hi everyone, my name is Timothy. Since I was little, I was influenced by the expectations of my asian parents to grow up to become a doctor or a profession in the field of medicine. As I grew up, I have become more and more interested in both biology and chemistry, especially in chemical reactions, which I suppose is due to the cartoon/media influences on my as a child. Now a junior, I decided to take challenge myself by taking both IB Chemistry and Biology higher levels to expand my knowledge of how and why things occur in the environment I live in. While I understand both sciences will be a challenge to me, I hope to try my best for this and next year to achieve my goal, identical to my parents’, to have a profession in either medicine, chemistry, or biology.

Hi everyone, my name is Keshav. I am of Indian origin and like to read and play basketball. Science has always been my favorite subject in school. I’ve been planning on studying medicine in college for some time now, so I decided on taking IB Chemistry along with AP Bio this year. IB Chem is definitely a challenge and is taking some getting used to, but I’m also finding that, with the right mind set, it can also be fun (well, at least sometimes). I’m looking forward to these next couple of years and hope to develop my understanding of the real-world applications of science.

“The most incomprehensible thing about our universe is that it can be comprehended.” This quote, from Albert Einstein, reflects my feelings about the way I perceive science. My name is Heidi, and I believe that it is the curiosity, the mystery, the ambition, that is what truly characterizes this subject. And the most exciting part of it all is that the universe and all the good and bad within it is in our reach – and we can discover new things every day. The world, like science, is a basketful of cherries. Whatever we find can be turned into great things (like cherry pie – yum!) that will change our perspective of the world immensely. That, I believe, is the true beauty of science.

Hi! My name is Joy, and I am a joyful person (most of the time :)) I enjoy science because I love learning how the world works. Chemistry is interesting to me because thinking hard and discovering new concepts with the delightful ‘aha’ moments are truly fulfilling. Although Chemistry is often challenging, I enjoy the process of becoming more aware of the world around me and expanding my knowledge. I look forward to the rest of IB Chemistry and I hope to learn more and increase my understanding of the sciences.

Hello There! My name is Vrishti and I am of Indian and Indonesian origin. When I was in the seventh grade, I had the most cantankerous science teacher. She intimidated everyone in the class. But even if she was truly a terrifying teacher, I learned the most science in her class out of all the science classes I had in middle school. She taught us the disciplines of labs. She taught us how to observe and how to analyze. For a seventh grade science class, it felt like a general high school course. The steep learning curve that I have experienced in that class made me love science even more. This was also the first science class that we learned the basics of chemistry. I remember doing density labs and balloon labs and how much I enjoyed learning about the behavior of atoms. It is most definitely one of the reasons why I’m taking IB Chemistry. My dad actually majored in Chemistry for his bachelor’s degree so he never fails to keep me enthusiastic about the subject. My other higher level science in Physics. You can think of IB Chemistry as my sort of “get away” from IB Physics as I can honestly say that I do enjoy chemistry more than physics. The reasons are quite self-explanatory. But I guess it’s because chemistry is more abstract, which I think is more intriguing that physics. Whatever we are learning are all based on conjectures. I mean, are we absolutely sure about the bond angles of a certain molecule? We cannot even see the actual molecule itself! The beauty that lies in chemistry is the fact that whatever is happening in our world, microscopically speaking, cannot be seen but can be inferred by conducting experiments that may or may not support our hypotheses.

Hi my name is Larissa. I am half Austrian and half American. I am taking double science for my dream of becoming a vet. Ever since I was little I have always wanted to be a vet. But I always struggled in chemistry and I started to fear that my dream would never come true. But I deiced to face my science fears and I took chemistry and I was surprised to see that I was doing this well so far. I hope that I will be able to gain from this experience and become a better chemist and to fill my dream of become a vet. I hope that I will use this blog to help widen my understanding and share this knowledge with the readers of this blog as well.

Hi, my name is Tina.  When I was little, I didn’t know much about science. I thought that things happen without specific reasons. The food in microwave gets warm, just because it is what microwaves are supposed to do. However as I grew older, I learned why things happen and I was fascinated by the fact how our world works.  Ever since then, I loved doing experiments to figure out why things happen. Right now I am taking IB chemistry and psychology. I hope this blog will answer some of the questions in our daily life. =)

Hi everyone, my name is Mika, and I’m from Japan.  I love science since I was in elementary school because every day in science class I’ve learnt at least one new thing and that satisfied my thirst for knowledge.  I’m currently taking two science courses this year and they’re bit challenging however I find it very interesting, and I look forward to learn more about these two different areas of science.  I’m also interested in art, and I hope to find out the science behind it too.

Hey, my name is Nataly. Out of all the sciences, Chemistry has always been my favorite subject as I love doing experiments. IB Chemistry is definitely challenging and harder than I expected but  that doesn’t matter because I am learning so much from this class. I’ve already learned a lot since the beginning of the year and I’m sure that by the end for 2 years, I’ll have a lot more knowledge regarding how the world work.

My name is Kim. I watch the discovery channel as much as I watch TV shows. This is embarrassing, but true. As much as I loved new music or entertainment, I spend an equal amount of my time trying to learn about things that interest me, and most of those things usually lead me to science-related explanations. My interest in chemistry lies in my interest in a more specific subject, forensic chemistry and crime-related analysis in general. I hope that the next two years, although challenging, will allow me to become a scientist.

It’s Ian here. I like science very much, and as a junior, I take 2 science class this year, one of them is chemistry. I also like math, though it sometimes annoyed me.

Hello my name is Jesse. I am currently a junior at Shanghai American School. I’ve been in this school for about 4 years and i have seen great changes around the school and around myself. I am taking IB Chemistry year 1 and everything seems harder than i thought it would be. I do not regret taking this class because I want to challenge myself and also learn more about chemistry. This is my third time creating my own blog and it brings back a lot of my memories when i was in middle school.

Hello, my name is Lenz and this is my story. When I was a young lad growing up in Singapore, my parents bought a ton of books for me to read. Amongst these books were the “Horrible Science” series, which were a highly popular series of science books aimed at getting kids aged 8-12 interested in the sciences by focusing on the bizarre, gory and gruesome parts of science. I really enjoyed reading these books. Not because I have psychopathic tendencies, but because they created an impression that science could be just about as unbelievable and fun as any round of Counter-Strike (Counter-Strike was everything to me when I was 10, alright? Counter-Strike and first-person shooters in general to a 10-year old boy in Singapore are a religion.)

The books succeeded in instilling a fascination with the different aspects of science, and made me realise that there was so much more to science than what I originally thought. It made me realise that the process of discovery, especially in science was one that was wholly enjoyable. It made me see that science wasn’t a bunch of things that some old farts in Victorian Europe did out of a lack of anything else to do, but that they did so to improve their understanding the world around us. And most importantly, it made me realise that science wasn’t something that some old farts in the Ministry of Education forced us to learn, but that it was an adventure, a voyage down into the deep abyss of the universe to unravel the mysteries that lie beneath its murky surface.

Like Columbus setting sail across the Atlantic in 1492, many of the pioneering scientists of our time took a headlong dive into the deep recesses of the unknown, not knowing what exactly lay over the horizon. And just like Columbus returning to Spain in the 1493, these scientists returned with some of greatest discoveries known to mankind and were championed as heroes by their peers. Like these scientific heroes of the years past, I too, am undergoing a voyage across the horizon to see what’s over on the other side, the first tentative steps in my journey to better my understanding of my world. And like these scientific heroes of the years past, I hope what I find will broaden my perception on the world as it is.

Hello, this is Taehyun. I’ve always been interested in Science, which always explain exactly how and why the world is going on. Everything in universe have reasons for such movement of tendency and investigating those features interested in Science. Since most of the interesting features happen regarding chemical substance and reaction, I decided to take chemistry. I love investigating chemical reactions because of the fact that the reaction results with the exactly how I planned.

Hi, this is Xinying! I’ve always been intrigued by the works of sciences, and it’s relation to the vast unknown world around us. Science has always been part of my life – from the awkward questions like “Mummy, where do babies come from?”, to the books such as “What? How? Why? 101”. Even as a child, curiosity always got the best of me and I would ponder about our world, and all it’s unknown. This has not changed in me throughout my experiences of growing up – I have always been a much fascinated explorer lost within the world of Sciences, placing pieces of the never-ending puzzles together.

Hi! I am Juhi :) Growing up, I was never really an avid fan of the sciences. Being cursed with terrible science teachers throughout middle school did not help either; rather it just augmented my dislike towards the sciences. However, high school changed my perspective. I began to realize that from the human body to atoms, science explains everything about the world we are living in. No longer wanting to live in the dark about the mechanics of this world, I decided to take IB Biology and Chemistry in hopes of broadening my perspective.

Hey reader! My name is Zara and ever since i could remember, i wanted to be a doctor. The world of science fascinates me. The fact that I can explain the end of the word with a simple scientific term such as entropy, or that I can break apart our solar system into a tiny a thing like a particle. Science is everywhere I look, so i figured that I might as well explore the world around me. Im taking AP biology, IB Chemistry, and next year i will take physics as well, so its safe to say that I am well on my way to becoming a doctor.

Generally speaking, a person’s passions define that person. And I, simply put, am a person. With passions. One of my greatest passions is science, since it has such a tremendous impact on our lives. Understanding not only how things work, but also why things work can help us gain a better grasp of the world around us. To fuel my passion for science, I have chosen to take both chemistry and physics this year. In both classes, I am slowly but surely widening my perspective of the world, which I hope to continue to do, even after I leave high school and college. My name is Frank.

I think that Discovery Channel commercial expresses my thoughts on science perfectly: “The world is just awesome.” There is so much around us to explore, ranging from the tiny particles we call atoms to our solar system, galaxy and beyond. The best part is that we have only just begun to investigate some of the deeper questions of where everything came from and how everything is related. I love finding out how stuff works, which is why I’m currently in Physics and Chemistry. My name is Dan, and I hope to do much exploring for the next two years.

When I was young, I never fully grasped the idea that trillions of tiny things called “atoms” made up everything around us. My little mind rejected such a preposterous notion and mechanically filed all things science-related into a mental folder labeled “boring and irrelevant.” However, as I grew up, I found that not only was science extremely intriguing, but also relatable to just about every single aspect of our lives. It’s no wonder that chemistry (and other science subjects) now file under the “amazing” folder – where it will remain, perhaps, for the rest of my life. – jiayi.
Hi! I am Richard. Until last year, I didn’t have any idea what I want to do for rest of my life, but after a short meeting with the Minister of Agriculture of South Korea, I decided to contribute my life to the world of science, especially chemistry. I love solving problems, and I feel pleasure when I get the correct answer. As I learn new concepts of science, I realize I look at the world with different perspectives, a smarter perspective. I enjoy taking IB Chemistry class, and I expect new challenges along the two year course.
When I was younger, they way I understood my environment and how the world worked was taken for granted. When I dropped a book, it fell on the floor, just cause. As I grew older, I also grew wiser (not really), and begun to question why a book would drop when it did, why would sugar seem to disappear when you add it to water, why would adrenaline rush in certain situations, why why why. That’s where I turned to science to explain these questions. I’m currently doing IB Chemistry and IB Biology, figuring out the answers to these questions. I hope this blog helps answer a few questions of your own.  Steven

Science has always intrigued me, ever since my mom bought me “The Usborne Science Encyclopedia”. I had so much fun reading and rereading its contents, and I always wanted to learn more about how our world works. In the past few decades, science has gone through so many significant advancements (that Einstein guy was pretty cool), and I am eager to know what is to come in the future. Through this course, I hope to eventually be able to experiment and investigate things on my own, so that in the future I can show my kids how fun science can be. Daniel Lok.

Simply put, science defines our world. It delves into matters as a small as an atom, to ones as large as discovering new solar systems outside of our own. The sheer amount of knowledge and information that incorporates what Science is should inspire an appreciation and a true fascination in any mind that is open to it. This illustrates my personal attitude toward the greatness and majesty of Science and I hope to, in both my IB Physics and Chemistry classes, further extend my knowledge and curiosity in this vast field, broaden my perspective of the world around me, and hopefully use it for the greater good. Kevin Zhu

I LOVE science, especially Physics and Chemistry, I just absolutely LOVE it. My passion for Physics and Chemistry started when I first watched the show “Warplanes” on Discovery channel (this is for physics) as for chemistry, I started liking it when I was in 6th grade participating in Science fairs and realized how cool it was to blow stuff up by mixing chemicals. I am currently taking IB Physics and Chemistry both of which are HL, and in the full IB diploma programme. I hope that Physics and Chemistry will further excel my love and passion towards the sciences. My name, is …. Wei Song! =)

Hi, my name is Amelie. I haven’t always had a fascination with the sciences. But getting older, I started enjoying science class and realized that it could be applied to every aspect in life. I’m currently taking IB chemistry and biology and also plan to take a general course in physics next year to explore different areas of science.

If someone asked me who I was in terms of academic sense, the first thing I would say is “Scientific/Mathematical person” Throughout my life I was never able to grasp the point of taking classes such as ethics and English. I mean for classes like English there isn’t an “answer”, it’s just how different people perceive and interpret things. But in science and math (although science is still developing) you are sure to come up with one answer that is correct for a problem. I like answers and Science provide you with answers. I’m currently taking IB Chemistry, Math, and Biology because I have passion for these classes. And that’s why I am a Science/Math person. By the way my name is Eddy Kim

Hey guys, My name is Kevin Jou. Like many of my fellow bloggers, my interest in science stems from my childhood. I grew up as one of the children who found a fascination in the word “why”. I spent countless hours pondering how a microwave worked. How at a push of a button, the television would turn on. How an engine may run with only gas as a fuel. Thus, my interest in science was born. I realized that all the answers I was looking for could be found in the study of science, therefore, I committed myself into furthering my knowledge in science.

I grew up asking so many questions on why the world is the way it is, that  my parents told me I couldn’t  ask anymore question, instead they bought me an encyclopedia. That did not answer my questions, I didn’t like reading about things. I always wanted to test them or see them for my self. I love my sciences, I’m taking psychology, biology and chemistry.  This has resulted in me  seeing most things in a scientific perspective. They call me Joey.

Hey, my name is Alex and I find science to be challenging but very interesting because it provides explanations for what goes on in our world.  Over the next two years I hope to gain a better understanding of chemistry and biology and be able to apply what I have learned to everyday occurrences.

Hi, my name is Ravi. From when I was a kid, I have always had an interest in the world around me, be it nature, technology or pretty much anything that catches my interest. Today, this interest is manifested in my taking of HL Chemistry and HL Physics, though I don’t let these subjects narrow my interest in anything unusual.

Life is constantly changing. And we as humans never stop trying to explain these changes. My love of science and social sciences stem from wanting to explain the things that happen around us. I am currently taking IB HL Biology and HL Chemistry, and perhaps through these courses I can understand more of the reason behind the changes that never seem to stop. –  Emily (:

My name is Alicia, and although I wasn’t interested in chemistry the same way I am now when I was younger, it still held a great amount of appeal for me. When I was younger, hearing stories about my dad’s experiments from when he was a student fascinated me, and I thought chemistry was all about exploding liquids and colorful smoke. My fascination with science did not waver as I grew older, but changed. I began to understand that chemistry extended so much further than the superficial level that I understood when I was small. The principles of chemistry can be found in everything, everywhere, and all the time. The omnipresence of chemistry astounded me, and drove me to choose IB Chemistry as one of my courses for junior year!

My name is Ji Young and the first birthday present that I remember receiving from my dad was a microscope. Growing up, this was the “fancy toy” I could proudly present as mine. I also lived in an industrial town in DaeJeon, the center of science and technology in Korea, so I was exposed to science since the day I was born. Looking at scientists in clean, sharp, glowing white lab coats during my frequent visit to laboratories, I realized that this was what I wanted to do. To pursue my dreams and to prepare myself for the real world, I chose IB Chemistry and IB Physics.

Many years ago two young Indian scientists made their way across the Ocean to America. There they traveled north teaching and working wherever they could. Their first two daughters were born in the United States, the third in Canada. Though all three daughters have to this day, never strayed too far from the sciences, it is the second daughter who is important to our story.

Meanwhile…In the green fields of Surrey, England a young British chap grew up with his mother: a teacher, father: a scientist, and little brother. At the strapping age of sixteen, this lad moved with only his mother and brother to the cold lands of Canada where they used their first computer. (Both brothers stayed logged on.)

At a lovely university in the south, (well as south as you get when you’re so far north), the little Indian girl and the pale English boy met in their year one engineering class. They’ve been together ever since. Somewhere along the way this union was blessed, (to the great satisfaction of the Indian parents), and then I came along.

My name is Mira, by the way. I took science in French for 8 years in elementary school, and in English for 3 years, and counting, in High School. I’m still learning.

Jessie: I absolutely love to play sports. I was influenced by my mom to start to play sports because she used to play volleyball when she was my age. My family has really shaped the way I few the world and what I value. My dad influenced me in areas related to school. He would always teach me extra science and math, my two favorite subjects in school. I feel like I have only begun my life in the world of science. I’ve only recently become more involved in science (currently take IB HL Physics and IB HL Chemistry) and I have discovered so many amazing things that really apply to our everyday life. That’s why I’m so interested in science; the things that we learn in class are not only useful in school, but we can use it in other areas as well (including sports and love, see blog posts). The teachers that I have for my science classes simply make me want to learn more. Have you ever had a teacher that you thought to yourself “why is he/she even teaching when it is so obvious he/she hates it?” I could never get this impression from my teachers. Just the enthusiasm my teachers get from talking about their subject make me even more interested in what they are teaching us.


Hello, my name is JD, short for Jean-Daniel, and I am from the lovely province of Québec , Canada – which means my first language is French. Don’t let that fool you, though; English just so happens to be second nature to me, just as it is to most of my classmates. And like them, I am an international student, which means my science background has varied. Biology is my specialty and I’ve taken two years of intensive study in it. I especially enjoy the topic of DNA, though I hope to become an ophthalmologist, (aka eye surgeon). However, I am also taking Chemistry HL (fascinating course by the way), and I believe this gives me a more varied perspective on the field of science. What an entertaining subject, science. And what an intriguing subject it is too – full of mystery and wonder. If you can’t already tell, science is my favorite subject as well as my passion. And I have to agree with Jessie that this passion stems from the passion of teachers I have had in the past and teachers I have now. Their passion has rubbed off on me, just as I wish mine will rub off on you…

Hey, I’m Chris. Like the others in my class, I come from an international background, growing up all over the place. As far back as I can remember, I have had an interest into how the world works and the mysteries an investigation can offer, and this has led me to this chemistry course. So what do I bring to both this blog and my class? Well remember that kid who used to ferment alcohol, and make gun powder in chemistry class? That is the sort of enthusiams i try to bring to my class and reflect in my blod posts. A positive outlook on how what we learn about chemistry can be applicable to the real world.

Ben: There is a certain principle, a certain direction and a certain right that every man should seek to obtain and live by. That is the knowing or the ability to know the truth. To seek not necessarily the verified facts, but the righteous answers. To know where one is heading in life, to know one’s dreams and ambitions, and to know that one still has the spirit and strength to continue the pursuit for it. For me, some of this truth is found in science. I grew up in an atheist family surrounded by a largely Christian community. I lived on both ends of the world, and have been exposed to the diametrically opposed eastern and western cultures and ideals. I have witnessed the degree of dissent human beings may have amongst each other due to these differences of circumstance. Yet, science offers a medium of communication amongst people who may otherwise never find any common stance. Surely, people of different backgrounds may still have different opinions of science and its specific traditions, but such disagreements are far easier to settle than the opinion-based, subjective topics that have caused tension among groups since history can remember. Hence, I do not hold science as the absolute truth, but more as the universal language through which the world may communicate. The existence of this blog may be minuscule when suited as a part of this much greater ideal, but I hope that through our efforts, it will help contribute to this ideal of global and mutual comprehension of truth.

Ylynn: Hello! My name is Y-Lynn, and I’m from the sunny island of Singapore. English is my first language, and unlike my other classmates, it’s also my first love. That doesn’t mean I’m just a random Arts student who wandered into the science labs to escape the cold though. Quite the opposite in fact; I think science is absolutely awesome, and personally find its explanations of the world much more meaningful than those offered by, say, religion. I have a soft spot for astronomy and all things related to the universe, because it’s just so incredibly vast. Once we’ve found, or at least think we’ve found an answer to a question, five more pop up in its place. It’s a long process of discovery that we’ve only just begun. My journey in this field of knowledge has only just begun as well, and I hope it’ll eventually turn into a life-long passion.

Sean: I was born and raised in the US as an ABC (American Born Chinese). I learned Chinese before English, as my parents spoke exclusively in Chinese to me at home. However, at age 4, when I started school, I quickly switched from Chinese to English as my main language. Now I study Spanish and English, still with Chinese speaking parents at home. I have no spiritual worldview to affect my judgment. Sometimes I am obnoxious, as I like to voice my opinion. But, given that this is a blog, I’m sure you won’t mind. ^.^

Hi I’m Kyle. I grew up on the east coast and since then have moved around quite a bit. Ever since childhood, science has always been somewhat of an allure for me and still is. But i also enjoy playing soccer, reading, and drawing every once in a while. Well that’s my lifestory in a nutshell hope you readers enjoy the blog.

I’m Anna, and like the other members of this blog; I’m yet another international student. What’s nice about being international is the fact that we all share the same title, but rarely will you find two students who have lived in the same places and have the same background at our school. After having lived in Miami for about 8 years, coming to China was different. Though my background (which I’m still trying to define) isn’t American, the US has definitely come to influence me, since I’ve spent more than half my life there. Another significant influence to my values and mindset is that of my parents. They raised me, and they did so in a way that taught me to respect them and rely on them for help. It was coming to China, however, that made me realize what my influences were in the first place. Coming to a city that has so many different cultures and opinions and becoming an “international student” for the first time stripped me away of anything I was familiar with and left me acutely aware of my influences. For now, I’m still trying to figure out what I want to be in the future, and seeing which subjects I like most, (the problem is when favorites change from year to year). As for chemistry, I enjoy taking it, and it’s the career path my parents chose, so I figured it was only natural for me to like it too.

Hey I’m Victor. I was born in England but Chinese was my first language. I stayed in China for one year when I was two which helped develop my Chinese. However, ever since once I moved to the United States when I was three, English has been my main language. Now, I am learning English and Spanish at school, but still learn Chinese from time to time. I have always been interested in science ever since I was in elementary school and it continues to interest me. Chemistry is one of my favorite subjects of science and I hope to learn much more as I get older.

This is Neel speaking. Unlike my peers, my life is similar to la vie metro, bolout, dodo. It’s an expression in French, one of the languages that I learned. Unfortunately, I’m not fluent with the language. Besides French, I can speak in Hindi, Bengali and English with much higher proficiency. I am currently being taught Spanish and teaching myself Japanese (It’s not working, though) . Take note that English is my third language, so there may be times that I am unable to express myself properly at all times.
Perhaps the language I find the easiest to express myself in is music. This is not to say that I’m skilled at many instruments. No, this is not the case at all. I am only able to play the piano, the trombone and baritone at what my teachers consider a novice level. Yet, I can easily pick up tunes from listening. My musical preferences range from Baroque to Jazz to Rock to Heavy Metal (This is by no means restricted to English, by the way). In fact, at this very moment I happen to be listening to ‘Stairway to Heaven’ by Led Zeppelin (Great band, by the way).
But before I myself choose to climb the stairway (In a metaphorical sense, I have no religious affiliation), I hope to accomplish at least one of my lofty dreams. They say that Goethe was the last true polymath. This may be true, but I too hope to expand my learning over several fields even in this age of hyper-specialization. Most would view this feat as a Sisyphean task and I agree to most of their arguments. My greatest fear in this venture remains “to be a rock and not to roll”.
Nonetheless, I will remain steadfast in its achievement. I promise to bring you a wide range of subjects in relation to science even spanning towards the esoteric studies of pure mathematics in my blog posts. Thank you for reading.

I am cajo and to me science is about storytelling. Everyone is a scientist because we all have stories to tell. What excites me about the stories of science is that they change over time – sometimes slowly and other times very fast. Some become more convincing, others less so, and some get thrown out completely. These stories are about people who are curious, and want to know the how and why. It is this curiosity and passion for knowing that keeps all thing scientific vibrant and up to date. Sometimes this curiosity leads to breakthroughs and recognition and at other times disappointments, challenges and hardships. But more importantly these stories are about people, who are inspirational, passionate and committed, traits demonstrated by the storytellers who write on this blog. They allow me to become a better thinker, learner and teacher and that is why I like SCIENCE.

Michael– I feel compelled to start with a quote:
“The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future life.”
I’m a sound believer in the idea that working hard in all aspects of your life is the way to live life to the fullest. Soccer and cross country are always a competition. A large portion of my spare time is expended in local art exhibits. I have a tutor teaching me Mandarin twice a week. Academically, I focus primarily on language, making English and Mandarin the classes I excel in; however, none of the courses I participate in fail to interest me, and I’m well-rounded as far as grades go. Unlike many of my peers I am no polyglot, despite my constant practice of Mandarin. Religion trailed me closely during childhood, my mother being a Catholic and father a Quaker, but as I grow up I find that I’m an agnostic. Debate always intrigues me, and when I find a point of view that I disagree with I will openly refute it. Hopefully some of this nature can be reflected in my blog posts.

Hello, my name is Max.  I grew up all over the place, in many different cultures and surrounded by a multitude of different languages. I have always been fond of science, and was able to have a very complete introduction to the various areas of science, as my old high school required biology, chemistry, physics and environmental science to be taken simultaneously and as separate classes. My interest in science began at that point, as I found that science could effectively explain how the world works. I’ve been learning about it ever since.

Hey, I’m Ivory! I’m taking HL Biology and Chemistry because of my aspiration to be work in the medical field when I grow up. I surprised myself at the end of last year by deciding last minute to choose chemistry as my last HL class in my IB diploma, because frankly, I had always found chemistry quite dull in the past few years. However, since I’ve started the course this year, I have myself always engaged in class because of how challenging it is. Additionally, Chemistry has proved to be a lot more applicable to our everyday lives than I had ever thought it would be. This has made me increasingly more interested to the subject, and I have no doubt that this trend will continue along the two years of IB.

My name is India. I’m from England and I enjoy swimming and running.  I am taking double sciences in an effort to pursue a medical career. I find chemistry itself to be the most challenging of these sciences, but it also holds a large amount of interest for me. It is never interesting to take a class where there is no challenging material involved. I look forward to posting in the blog this year.

Hello, my name is Aditi. I am originally from India, but like most of my classmates have never lived in my country of origin, and cannot pinpoint the location of where I call “home”. I have always been a creative and musically oriented person, and I had never considered the possibility of taking dual sciences (that too at a higher level) until my 10th grade year, where I took on Physics and Chemistry.  I loved these classes, so much so that in my 11th grade year I opted to take both of these as well as Biology for my IB diploma (however this plan was altered when I moved to Shanghai). My interest in chemistry specifically stemmed from a qualitative chemistry course that I took in the 10th grade, which opened my eyes to the importance of the subject with context to our everyday lives. It is currently one of my favorite subjects at school, and I am looking forward to continuing with the course at SAS.

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  1. Hi guys

    I have been following your blog for a few weeks now and I have to say “great stuff”. I teach IB chemistry and physics and would like to extend to all of you an invitation to become members of our course wikis.

    You will need to request membership (which I will approve) and then you can feel free to collaborate with ISB IB students and myself in creating a online resource specific to the IB syllabus.

    Mr. DJY

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